AML Compliance Services for

Coin Dealers & Jewelers

Affordable and Easy to Implement

Written Training Program Included

Annual Reviews (Audits)

What You Need to Know About Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Do We Need to Comply?

The determination of whether or not your firm is required to have an AML program in place during each year is based on the sales and purchases you had in the previous calendar or tax reporting year.  An AML program is required...

Is Complying Expensive?

Knaus & Associates specializes in providing high-quality low-cost compliance solutions exclusively for coin dealers and jewelers.  You will find that our fees are substantially lower than what most other firms charge.

What if We Don't Comply?

Some coin dealers and jewelers who operate honest and reputable businesses tend to think they don’t need an AML compliance program.  But that can be a bit like rolling the dice.  If you are audited by the IRS...

Who We Are

Expertise You Can Count On

Our experts have more than 50 years combined experience helping organizations, businesses and professionals manage regulatory and compliance issues.

Gary Knaus

Mr. Knaus has a depth of regulatory-related experience that ranges from authoring books and articles, teaching workshops, providing in-office consulting and designing software to manage complex regulatory requirements. For the past four years his activities have included creating AML regulatory programs for coin and precious metal dealers nationwide.

David Burris

Mr. Burris has extensive experience dealing with the regulatory environment both from the government and private sector perspectives. He conducted some of the most complex money laundering investigations in the nation’s history and has provided AML consulting services to private organizations and government agencies.

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